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Avoid These Mortgage Mistakes in Your Quest to Save Money

By Loren Winzeler / March 18, 2016

Avoid These Mortgage Mistakes in Your Quest to Save Money Although your mortgage can provide you with many avenues to save money, it’s wise to be aware of common mortgage mistakes. When you’re considering doing anything to alter how you establish and pay your mortgage, avoid the following hazards: 1. Adjustable Rate Mortgages, known as […]


Buying Your House: The Escrow Process Explained

By Loren Winzeler / March 17, 2016

California is an Escrow closing state…. so this is super relevant to home buyers here. If you’ve recently had your offer on a house accepted by the seller, you must be ready and waiting to move in! If you’re on the other end of the transaction, you want your money! You’re also likely to be […]


4 Key Areas – How to Get a Home Loan

By Loren Winzeler / January 3, 2016

In spite of what you might think, banks are desperate to make loans right now. But that doesn’t mean that lending standards aren’t tight; it’s still going to take a lot of paperwork to make the lenders happy. Rates are the lowest they’ve ever been, so while it might be a bit of a hassle […]


Buying vs. Renting: The age old question

By Loren Winzeler / January 1, 2016

Buying or renting a home is a choice that never seems to be settled for certain. It’s easy to find experts that claim buying is better; it’s also easy to find experts that claim renting is better. The best idea is to consider all the factors involved and decide which is best for your own […]